yes its true. we all pay a price for everything. and so with dreaming. dreaming for a lovely life, passion, a house, family, car, whatever it is. but the question is, what price will you pay, if you fear dreaming? do you think you can bear the pain of paying that price? do you think you would be better paying that price? do you think that suffering today so you can live your dreams later on in life would be good for you? do you really want to go on that path?

do you want to let go of your fear? or do you want to let go of your dreams?
its time to choose.

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you are born. and you are a champion. no. it does not have to be mediocre. the only reason why its mediocre is because you may not be aware that you are a champion. but now you are aware, lets put together the pieces. you have your heart, your mind, your spirit. the only thing is, will you step up to fight and challenge yourself to claim your right as a champion once again?

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you give up only for one reason. and that reason is they dont care. go on.
 its time to move to bigger, better things.

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Nothing in your life can possibly change unless you make the change.

nothing. nothing in life.
we are in charge of everything we all are.
pieces by pieces, flesh by flesh.
people will or might influence you.
but if you wont do something,
you will be stuck to the same old pile of dust
you're used to.

do something now.


love is power

there are many things love can bring us, but i believe that its greatest contribution is giving us power.
the power to endure pain, trials, sacrifices and the wear and tear of time.
love can make you create,
love can face obstacles
love is everything.
love is power.


follow your heart. not what other people say

there is a quote from the movie "pursuit of happiness" when will smith said to his son,
" Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me" 
 You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.

its so easy to succumb to other people especially to those who are closest to you. but would it be better if you follow your heart and not what they tell you?  they dont know what is inside you. only you can truly listen to what your heart says. 



there will be no another you, another me. No. discover yourself. discover what makes you, you.
discover what makes your world go round, makes your heart beat. what makes you alive.