pain will always be pain

no matter how hard you try to deny it, or mentally block it, pain, in all its forms, will always be pain.
what's good about accepting this fact is that you can start your day, restart your life in a way that you have to deal with it, but not necessarily to breathe, eat, sleep it.

feel it. but not to the extent that you will let it stay into your system forever. or let your mind and body use it as some sort of a placebo effect.You begin to feel free of the pain when you act free of the pain! Don’t talk about the old pains, don’t ritualize it, and act calm when you remember one. Your brain will notice how you are and will recondition the neural network patterns until the time they become routine.

as lex luthor had said " pain is a part of life, but you must not let it fool you."

you must embrace and let go of pain to become an endless movement of strength.

photo from : http://www.flickr.com/photos/aihibed/1410398234/

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