All power is within and is absolutely under your control. There is no power outside of you. The key to accessing all power is to realize that all power is within you. The only reason why people are powerless is because they think that power is outside of them. Whenever someone moves into a state of power, it is always because they found the power within them. This is the great secret of having or not having power. And because power is within, it is absolutely under your control. This is the secret of control.
If life is worth living, it is worth living powerfully. Those who seek greater power are seeking greater life. Those who do not seek to become powerful are not seeking life. It takes power to be prosperous, it takes power to be healthy and it takes power to be free. Power is a must for anything to be created, and the first priority of anyone who wishes to experience good is to become powerful. The key to power is knowledge. It is knowledge that you are a creator and knowledge of the power that exist within you.

- enoch

i am the endless movement of strength. i embrace power.

photo from diddy83.blogspot.com/

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