go ahead, be brave

its human to be angry, to be bitter sometimes, to think of revenge and to hate those that hurt you.

but all this consumes up your life. are they even worth it?

yeah, its human. but its neither intelligent nor reasonable.

respect your time in this world,

understand that you are also a child of God,

go on. let them go. be brave and be on your way.


Life Is How Hard You Can Get Hit & Keep Moving Forward

this is a scene from the the movie rocky starring silvester stallone.
He is discussing life about his son. 

move forward. move forward endlessly.

clip from YOUTUBE




my human heart delights in facing an obstacle, learning that obstacle and overcoming that obstacle. 

how about you? dont you think its better to move  with strength than be left  alone 

with pain?



same goal, different paths

Losers are losers because their goal in life is to be comfortable. Winners are winners because their goal in life is to achieve great things, which will then make them feel comfortable. Losers and winners want the same thing, but they take different paths.
 so would you rather lose, or win?


John Maxwell's 4 rules to treat failures

1. There are no such thing as failures, only lessons.

2. The lesson continues until you learn.

3. If you do not learn the lesson it gets harder.

4. You will know you have learned the lesson when you change your actions.

now that you are aware what to do, start moving!!!

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