inspirational quotes for difficult times

Do you wake up in the morning with your mind filled with thoughts of personal shame, inferiority, hopelessness, dread, anxiety or worry?  You are not alone - many people do.

I thought I would send some inspirational quotes, and uplifting quotes for hard times your way, today.  Think of these, say them out loud, or use them as a mantra or prayers to help you move past the blocks of emotional sabotage.

  • "I am not what I think I am. I am better than that."

  • "Yes I made mistakes, but I learn from them."

  • "I offer myself to you, God, please show me the way."

  • "I've accomplished this in the past, and with God's help I can do it again."

  • "Today is another day, and I am brand new this day."

  • "I'll put my troubles aside and help someone else through love and attention."

If YOU have some inspirational quotes or uplifting ideas for others, please post them below.

I hope you have a warm, blessed, and peaceful day.

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  1. Heya.

    I do have those moments when my mind is filled with regrets and doom. Sometimes I prefer to stay on that state of emotions because I could feel the negative energy flowing in my body. It is gloomy but refreshing at the same time.

    Well, keep yourself strong. You can do it.

    Oh, BTW. I found your blog through Rea.

    Happy blogging.

  2. thanks man.
    continue life and dont look back.
    old pain is useless.