each day you are born again.what you do today matters the most.

each day, you are given the opportunity to show your self in the world. do what you love, if you dont like your job, quit. always have a little side of funny and serious. laugh. dont hate.

you wake up. now its the new year. take your life now.


the universe will guide you to achieve want you want

that is no secret. the universe will guide you to be who you are. the universe will guide you to be an endless movement of strength. but it takes patience.dedication and determination. you have patience. you are dedicated, and most importantly, you are determined. go take your first step now. and dont take the past with you.


continue life and dont look back. old pains are useless.

pain is everywhere. everyday people try so hard to deal with whatever pain they have. everyone feels it in any way or another. but everyone can overcome pain. if you will believe in yourself. you can pick yourself up everytime you fall. its hard, but its POSSIBLE. life has so much to offer you, open your eyes. continue life and dont look back at what you had felt before. learn from it. never look back. old pains are useless.
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if you could only put love above everything else,
you could have been the most powerful person in this world


take all the time you need and you have to heal yourself. moving on doesnt take one day. it is an everyday process.
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a little haiku..

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my love may mean nothing to you now,

but your heart is kept in a safe place.


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everything begins with the first step you take.


i have an idea, from now, ill do the best i can in everything.
every single day.

for the rest of my life.


fear is temporary.

REGRET is forever.


If you can't forget your past, then by all grace do not. Just bury it deep inside your soul and let it be a part of your story.
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i have faith in things i haven't seen,

 i guess that's the point of hoping.
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my favorite quote.

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something new for you guys to enjoy. create your life. feel the passion in every moment!


you do not achieve your goals by dreaming a dream.


hammer it,

forge it into reality.

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"sometimes, we have to realize that there are certain people who are meant to stay in our hearts..

..but not in our lives."

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a difference in your life today starts when you make a choice to move on from what happened yesterday.

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never expect.
never assume
never lose hope.

never lose faith.

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no dream can ever be realized if you dont believe in yourself to make them come true.
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the moment you believe in yourself is the moment you start living.

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Never ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
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  -life would be easier if you make a decision and you dont look back.   
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respect your time on this earth.

learn to love, forgive, and move forward.


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